Report of the donation for the needy and poor people

Mehr Charity Program in its continuation like the past successive donations, this time in 01-March-2015 in Kabul-HF main office with the presence of Mrs. Taiba Yousufi the HF Director and the Mehr Charity Program in-charge bodies donated some of the foodstuff for the needy, poor and deprived people. This is the fact situation, that most of the people whom are poor and jobless toil from; and this existing economic situation has taken their power to provide the basic necessities of their lives and even they cannot provide the daily foodstuff for their families. Among these families, the families whom are without their guardians or those who do not have any persons to support them are the most vulnerable of the society. So, it is compulsory in this bad economic situation to help and donate those families whom are vulnerable of the society. Mehr Charity Program is one of the sections or programs covered by HF, is created for this purpose to follow and implement the planed and organized donation program for the needy and poor families of the society. Because of the transparent and accountable implementation of this program, HF pursuits the following steps to find, recognize, list and cover the real needy and poor families and to prevent the donations of the generous people from being wasted and misused under the following ways:

First of all, the needy and poor families are surveyed and assessed their economic life conditions to distinguish and recognize the ones whom are really in needs and the poor families. Secondly, the assessed and recognized families are categorized or prioritized based on the intensity of the needs, and thirdly, HF-Mehr Charity in-charges try to cover and support the real orphans, needy, poor and deprived families as long as it can. Finally, the HF-Mehr Charity Program in-charges try to collect the donations from the rich and generous people and distribute the donations for the needy and poor families based on the prioritized or categorized plan.

The foodstuff distributed for each family at this program is the following:

  1. A sack of 50 kg. Flour.
  2. A Kilo of Sugar.
  3. A Kilo of Peas.
  4. A Kilo of Beans.

It is very important to mention that HF-Mehr Charity Box Program tries its best with the help and support of the rich and generous people to help, support and donate the orphans, needy, poor, vulnerable and the most deprived people of the society. Therefore, it is our ambition from the rich and generous people to cooperate with the Mehr Charity Box Program to continue our support for the poor.


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