Project Implementation Process Report on 2015

2015 Project Implementation Process Report (Daikundi Province)

After the signed agreement between the Hambastagi Foundation (HF) and the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) for implementation of the Beekeeping project in Daikundi province under the title of Community Resilience – Support to Beekeeping Training for the women, hence, HF so far has performed the following tasks as per the agreed plan or work-plan.

HF has put the announcement for the required staff in the HF Website for the purpose of implementation of the Beekeeping project of Daikundi province in the 2015 current year. So, HF, has recruited the required staff based on the HF-HR Policy for both the main and local offices.

For the better and successful implementation of the project, HF-Main Office conducted a one-day orientation or descriptive workshop for the main and local staff relating to the Beekeeping Project in 02-04-2015.

In this orientation program Mr. Mohammad Qayum Ebrahimi the HF-Program Manager had the whole responsibility of conducting this one-day orientation program where he briefly explained about HF, its goals, objectives and strategies, likewise, Mr. Ebrahimi briefed the participants about the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) as well.

The HF-Program Manager focused more on the roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities of the project manager, supervisor and trainer whom are recruited for the 2015 Beekeeping project in Daikundi and furthermore, Mr. Ebrahimi emphasized more on the Beekeeping Project which is being implemented in Daikundi now.

This project is being implemented in four villages Shahbed Sofla, Qoum Bocha, Dahan-e-Naglich and Chab Jar of Ashtarlai District and the villages of Haftad Nafar and Rashak of Kijran District of Daikundi Province for the 94 women or beneficiaries whom are poor, needy and deprived. He also mentioned about the goal, objectives, activities and outcome/impact of the project. This project focuses more on the women empowerment via learning this new soft, simple and easy skill of beekeeping in order to capacitate the women to create their own businesses, generate incomes for themselves and also for supporting their families which this project in the longer-term causes the discrimination/violence to be decreased against them as they economically and independently stand on themselves and this is how they can take part in the social, cultural, economical and political affairs of decision-making in their societies.

In addition to these, he explained the HF code of conduct and finally the orientation program officially ended at 12 of that day.

HF-Main Office, program manager, logistic, admin and finance officers with the help of HF-director all have listed the required tools, machineries and materials for the project implementation such as bees, honey bee machines, honey bee boxes, nets, wax, combs, stationaries and other project necessities based on the HF-Purchasing Policy which later were prepared and all sent to Daikundi Province in the districts of Ashtarlay and Kijran.

Based on the NCA’s email asking for the HF and other Partners to participate in the Annual Coordination Meeting 2015, prepared by NCA in Nilli, the capital of Daikundi Province in 9th April 2015, so in response to that, HF has sent two of its staff, Mr. Karimi the project manager and Mr. Gul Reza the supervisor to attend the Annual Coordination Meeting there, hence in that Coordination Meeting which was conducted by the NCA the following agendas were discussed:

1. The lessons learned from 2014 Coordination and the way forward.

2. Selection of Coordination Team lead organization from partner organization for 2015.

3. Agreement on the annual action plan for coordination teams (joint orientation of 2015 project and plan with authorities, host communities, and other key development actors).

And now the HF-beekeeping project is being implemented for the 94 women in six villages of Ashtarlai and Kijran Districts in Daikundi Province and this project will be officially completed in 31-12-2015.

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