Orientation Workshop

A-day Orientation Workshop for the Main & Local Staff (HF-Kabul Main Office). Dated 02-04-2015:

At the beginning of the Beekeeping project for Daikundi Province, Hambastagi Foundation (HF) conducted a one-day workshop of orientation and training program in Kabul-Main Office for both themain/local staff under the title of the Community Resilience Support Beekeeping for the women empowerment.
This Orientation program started with the Verses of the Holy Quraan and continued with the brief introduction of the main and local staff. After the brief introduction of the employees, Mr. Mohammad Qayum Ebrahimi, the Program Manager of the Hambastagi Foundation (HF), who had the responsibility of this orientation and training program briefed the HF main/local staff with the information about the Hambastagi Foundation (HF) and the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) and explained the goals, objectives and the areas of activities of the both entities with a focus on this 2015 Beekeeping project of HF in Daikundi Province. He added that Hambastagi Foundation (HF) as a woman-led, non-profit, non-government, non-politic, non-profit and an independent NGO established in 1998. HF has had many different partners since its establishment specially the main ones are the Finland Embassy, NCA, IRC, UNFEM, British Embassy, JICA, FAO, WFP, Asia Foundation, Australia, ASGP, DAP and now HF is the partner with the NCA, so HF has been a partner with NCA since 2004 which all these show the highest glory and credibility of the HF.
Additionally, he added that Hambastagi Foundation (HF) has been initially registered with the Ministry of Planning, ministry of women affairs and reregistered with the Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan in 2005. Furthermore, Mr. Ebrahimi gave more information about the main areas of HF activities which are education/literacy, health, agriculture, vocational training, women empowerment, irrigation; and reduction of poverty, construction, human rights protection, peace building, environment protection; attraction of donation and distributing them for the needy and deprived people and providing job opportunities for the most deprived masses of the society i.e. widows and orphans. (The distribution donation pictures are visible in the HF Website).
After the explanation about the HF, He also explained about the respected NCA, one of the best and important international partners of HF since 2004 which helped HF in giving many types of projects.
He added that NCA is an independent humanitarian and ecumenical organization with headquarters in Oslo, Norway. NCA works together with people and organizations across the world to eradicate poverty and injustice. NCA provides emergency assistance in disasters and works for long-term development in local communities. In order to address the root causes of poverty, NCA advocates for just decisions by public authorities, business and religious leaders.
Norwegian Church Aid works in three ways:
1. Emergency preparedness and response: Saving lives and protecting people in emergency situations.
2. Long-term development aid: Supporting local communities to achieve development over time.
3. Advocacy: Promoting democracy and human rights by influencing decision-making processes.
The organization works in over 30 countries in Africa, Asia and Central and Latin America.
In continuation to this Orientation program, Mr. Ebrahimi, precisely explained the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities (Job Descriptions) of the Project Manager, Supervisors and Trainers whom are recruited for the project implementation of Beekeeping in Astarlay and Kejran districts of Daikundi Province. For, one of the important responsibilities that Mr. Ebrahimi emphasized on was this that the Project Manager is to plan the activities of the project implementation as per the HF and NCA agreed work plan with the focus on the project condition site. And the other important duties and responsibilities of the project manager and supervisors are to coordinate the works well with the local and main staff and also to have good coordination with the community members, local authorities and more importantly with the beneficiaries for to treat and behave well with the project beneficiaries in the project sites and as well as with the other related people and sectors.
In this Orientation Program, it was explained how to implement this project in the project location according to the plan and schedule as agreed with the Donor. This year (2015) project is going to be implemented in the six villages (4 villages in Ashtarlay District and 2 villages in Kejran District) of Daikundi Province where there are 94 women (beneficiaries). These beneficiaries will be divided into 8 Self-Help-Groups for the good coordination/cooperation and group works where they learn from each others’ experiences and solve their problems practically in these groups and likewise, it is very easy for them too to increase and improve their future beekeeping businesses.
In this mentioned program, it was requested from the project manager to have his own site general survey where the project is going to be implemented and then submit the site survey to the main office. Furthermore, it was asked to provide the detail report from the project either positive/negative or problems on time to the HF Main Office to be looked after and solved.
In this orientation program, it was explained by Mr. Ebrahimi for the local staff to have good relation, coordination and cooperation with the local staff, community people, beneficiaries, women council and governmental authorities and it was also cited to encourage the beneficiaries to learn and use this light skill of beekeeping and take good care of the tools, equipment and materials (bees, honey machines, bee boxes, handouts etc.) and use them for their honey-bee products and create good income for themselves and improve their livelihoods. After training the beneficiaries in theory then they will be taught the beekeeping practically where they are shared the listens and ideas so that they can take part in the decision making process which causes in the smooth running of the project and also it will be implemented very easy and successfully.
At the end of this one-day Orientation workshop, many questions and suggestions were raised and discussed among the HF main and local staff and the orientation program officially ended at 12:00.

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