Mehr Charity Program (MCP)

Mehr Charity Program (MCP)

Hambastagi Foundation is proud for creating the Mehr Charity Program for the purpose of serving the poor and needy families of the society where the people have very warmly welcomed this program and some of the generous and rich people have very actively participated in this program to take the hands of the poor and needy people. Mehr Charity Program which forms part of the activities of the Hambastagi Foundation, was officially established in 2011 and actively started its works, so since that time, Mehr Charity Program has had much and many positive and valuable achievements.

The main goal of creating this program is to help and support the poor, needy and orphan families (poor, needy, orphans, widows, disabled etc.) whom are not even able to provide the basic necessities of their lives; are supported and covered under this program.

The director and the board of directorates have found out that poverty is one of the phenomena that deprives the individuals from every personal and social rights, furthermore, it provides the ground for any kinds of law breaking, in more cases their rights are violated too and they do not have the power to advocate from their legal rights and moreover, they can not make heard their real wants to the legal authorities.

Thus, Hambastagi Foundation preferred to create such programs for supporting the poor and needy people and from the other side, to make a relation with the poor and needy people and decrease the discriminations and violence against them and protect their rights from different kinds of violations such as the family or domestic violations, morale corruption, and preventing them from being addicted to Hashish or other kinds of killing drugs etc. instead, creating the ground for peace building and social justice and helping the poor and orphans to go to schools till they get educated and fight against the illiteracy where this illiteracy is the main cause for the many current kinds of social problems.

The following are the Mehr Charity Program Activities:

1. Creating and distributing the Charity Boxes for the interested and generous people.

2. Collecting the donations for the boxes (poor families) and having the supports of the generous people based on the transparency and accountability.

3. Registering the names of the poor families of the Kabul inhabitants.

4. Surveying the life conditions of the poor families by the HF-MCP Surveying Team.

5. Analyzing the surveyed papers from the poor families in an official meeting by the presence of the Hambastagi Foundation director and selecting the real poor families.

6. Categorizing the poor families in three groups (first, second and third groups) based on the degree or level or poverty/emergency.

7. Donating the Cash Money and other materials or things for the categorized families after the surveyed and selected process.

8. Long-lasting analysis from the life conditions of the covered families.

9. Recruiting and introducing the poor covered families who can work to the government or non-governmental offices or houses.

  1. Coordinating and introducing the poor covered families to the national rich and generous people who can help and support the poor families in some especial circumstances.
  2. Helping in serous medication of the poor covered families occasionally.
  3. Attracting the direct donations and support from the rich and generous people for the poor families via the Program of the Forgotten Poor, which is broadcasted by the help of the Rahee Farda TV studio.
  4. Paying the Fees Courses of the poor families’ children whom are very intelligent.
  5.  Trying to educate the poor and sending the children back to schools that have left or could not attend the schools.

It is good to mention that since its establishment, Mehr Charity Program has surveyed, recognized and selected hundreds of the real poorest families and provided them the stuff and cash money (foodstuff, clothes, stationaries and school necessities etc.) and it is kindly requested from the rich and generous people to share and support in this generous program causing the good deeds to them for the both Worlds, this and after death.

May Allah almighty give the rich and generous people more for supporting these poor families! Amin!

Hambastagi Foundation

Mehr Charity Program Department


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