Distributing Of Cash Donations

Hambastagi Foundation has distributed the Cash donation for the poor and needy people by the Mehr Charity Program (MCP) in the month of April. This cash donation distributed for 52 eligible and derelict families.

This donation was done with cooperation of a bounteous man for the poor and needy people, the donation distributed for per family  2000 – 3500 AFGHANI in cash, total of the mentioned donation was one hundred thirty four thousand five hundred  (134500) Afghani. The distribution of the donation took place by presence of Taiba Yousufi Director of Hambastagi Foundation (HF), the contributory person asked not to be named, by presence of the economy ministry representative from department of NGOS and staffs of MCP to the date of April 27, 2015 in the central office of Hambastagi Foundation (HF).

Hereby, this donation is distributed to the continuing of previous donations of Hambastagi Foundation by Mehr Charity Program (MCP) for the real poor and needy people, these poor and needy people were identified through survey and investigation of MCP staffs and they are covering under the MCP now.

Mehr Charity Program efforts to attract donations from donors and bounteous people for the poor and needy people, as well as its distribution is methodical standards and systematics until its trustable and confidence for the donors that they are aided the to the poor and needy people via Mehr Charity Program and on the other hand the principle of fairness and equality are respected and donation for per family according to their needs. So for those families that they have taken the donation, they are divided to the below categories and according that they received donations.

  1. The amount of  2,000 Afghani for those families that they have 1 – 3 people
  2. The amount of 2,500 Afghani for those families that they have 4 -6 people
  3. The amount of 3,000 Afghani for those families that they have 7- 8 people
  4. The amount of 3,500 Afghani for those families that they have a population 9 people or more then  9 people

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