Distributing Donation 

Taking the hand and reaching the needy and poor people is the good deed, a morale work and it is one of the most and the highest valuable work of the human being which is almost regarded and… respected in all the World religions and it is prioritized to first of all, help and support the poor, needy and deprived people. Especially, in the new world area where there are different hierarchical systems where the societies are divided into the poor and rich communities, for it increases the importance quite a lot

This action in the Islamic thought is considered the crucial part which is un-dividable like the other necessary actions or deeds of the human beings, so in some critical parts, even there is a condition for being accepted the prays and doing Haj (Worshiping Haj), if there is no compassion, charity and help to the poor people in the Islamic communities. Like the holy verse cited that, pray and donate for the poor, so in the Islamic thought having the capital is the means for having the bless, but capital is not the final end for the Muslim people, there the Muslim people should not wait or delay for supporting the poor people. And for helping and supporting the poor people, the donators, helpers and supporters are not allowed or it is not logical to tease/nag or bother the poor for their supports, as this action is not accepted and also it is not regarded as the pure and good deeds in the Islamic thought.

Therefore, HF-Mehr Charity Box in continuation like the past successive donating program, on Tuesday 07-01-2015 which is coincidence with the coming of the Eid-e- Saeed Az-ha and with the help of the generous people donated the foodstuff such as the flour, beans, peas and sugar for the 25 poor families.

HF-Mehr Charity Box with its organized program has the Islamic and social job to recognize the needy, poor and deprived families and support them, hence, it is requested from the good and generous people to support and take the hands of those poor families whom even do not have the simple bread to eat, therefore, HF-Mehr Charity Box Program is ready to coordinate and collaborate this in order to implement the generous donations to the most poor, needy and deprived masses of the society.



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