NCA Contract Report With HF

Hambastagi Foundation (HF) is one of the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) partners signed the Contract on Sunday the March 8, 2015 which was the International Women’s Day. During signing the Contract the participants from NCA were Mr. Muddir Hassan the Program Manager, Mr. Zabiullah Amiri the Finance Officer and Mr. Hadi Ahmadi; likewise, from Hambastagi Foundation (HF) there was Mrs. Taiba Yousufi the HF director including two other HF members.

This project is under the title of (Women Empowerment & Livelihood via bee-keeping project), for women empowerment and this project has been for many years that HF had accomplished with the NCA financial cooperation in Ashterlay, Kijran and other districts of Daikundi province.  The main purpose of this project is the recuperation and empowerment of the families in economy, so after accomplishment of this project the families’ incomes are increased.

HF, by implementation of this project encourages the women to take part in the economic activities. This project is accomplished with the agreement and support of the local authorities, community elders, influential figures and related departments and sectors. The last project implemented was in 2014 in the villages of Dahan Naglich, Shahbid, and Lorboz of Ashterlay district and the villages of Dahan Khojo, Bidak and Sankshahrak of kijran district of Daikundi Province and this project focused on improvement of the women economy and their livelihoods via Bee-keeping project. The duration of this project was for 8 months started in May and ended in December 2014 and in this project there were one hundred and twenty beneficiaries (120), and the same project is now signed between the HF and the NCA for the year 2015.

According to the new contract (2015), this project is implemented in different villages of Ashtarley and Kijran districts in Daikundi province training the Beekeeping skills to the ninety four (94) poor, needy and vulnerable women. The location of this new project (Women Empowerment & Livelihood via bee-keeping) is in the villages of Shahbid Sofla, Chabjar, Qoombocha (Sankmohkam) and Dahan Naglich of Ashtarley distirict of Daikundi province. Besides this, HF has had many other awareness/training programs and other activities in those areas.

Implementation of these kinds of projects in Ashterlay, Kijran and other districts of Daikundi province in the recent years had much positive impact on the society in general, but the direct effect and impact of these beekeeping training projects and animal fodders distribution for the poor, needy and vulnerable women of those areas caused to become literate and increase their incomes, improved their economic conditions and gave them the chance to participate in the social, political and economical activities in their areas.

Creation of the Women Self-Help-Groups help in more coordination and cooperation among the women to share their activities, experiences and exchange their ideas for improving their beekeeping businesses and likewise, via these SHGs the women can solve their problems, improve and expand their businesses as well, thus, they can generate and increase their incomes, support themselves and their families, while decreasing poverty among the women and in the society in general. When the women economy is changed into better then the women can participate in the domestic decision-making and other social, political and economical activities.

By having the knowledge, experiences, skills, income generating businesses, active participation in the social, cultural, economical and political activities, via all these the women can improve their local governance, strengthen democracy in their communities and therefore, all these make the women sensitive towards their civil and citizenship rights.

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