Finland Final Project Report

Donor: Finland Embassy (FLC)

Implementer: Hambastagi Foundation (HF)

Project Location: Mazar-e-Sharif-Charkent District, Balkh Province

Project Duration: 12 Months (2014-2015)

Hambastagi Foundation (HF) is an NGO established in 1998; working in the areas of women empowerment such as improving the women livelihoods and economy.

One of the projects that HF has completed was the Vocational Training for the women via Beekeeping in Charkent District of Balkh Province. This project was accomplished in partnership and with the cooperation of Finland Embassy Kabul and Hambastagi Foundation (HF) Main Office. This beekeeping project was completed and funded by both the Hambastagi Foundation and the Finland Embassy where eighty percent (80%) of the fund was the Finland Embassy contribution and twenty percent (20%) of the fund was the HF contribution.

The donor for this beekeeping was the Finland Embassy Kabul where it funded most of the budget and the implementer and responsible for this project was the Hambastagi Foundation that successfully implemented and completed the project at the end of 2014.

The project was implemented in the four villages of Charkent District of Balkh Province where there were fifty needy, deprived and poor women (50=Beneficiaries) whom were trained the vocational trainings of Beekeeping. Our trainers trained the fifty women in beekeeping both theoretically and as well as practically, so they were taught how to keep their bees, how to take or extract the honey from bees, how to pack their products and how to prepare for selling their honey products.

Our beneficiaries are now formed into an association having fifty members, so they can now participate in different levels of the society and play their important role in solving their societies problems and bring peace there too, therefore, they are very happy from their business and their roles in the society. The project was started in 19thOctober 2014 and was successfully completed in 31st December 2014.  This Beekeeping Project had a positive impact on their lives, so the 50 women were trained in beekeeping and marketing sectors and they learned the beekeeping skills as well, hence, now they can independently manage their works, and in addition to this, they can organize other women in Self-Help-Groups by which they can solve their social works cooperatively well.

The women via selling their honey products can improve their livelihoods and help their families well by earning incomes. Besides, this project did not have the only benefits for the women’s livelihoods, but it positively effected on women’s civil participations in the society and in decision making too.

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